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PE-LD, LDPE, low density polyethylene

Polyethylene for injection moulding with high and low MFI for versatile use. Polyethylene for film making, additivated and non-additivated for heavy duty, shrink, shoppers, overwrap, freezer film, lamination. Granulates for pipe extrusion.
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PS, GPPS, general purpose polystyrene (standard)

Polystyrene for general purpose, transparent, for injection moulding and extrusion, for foamed products (XPS).
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PS-E, EPS, expandable polystyrene

Expandable polystyrene for building applications (facade, roof/ground, perimetric or other boards and products) and for shape packaging and protection moulds. Regular and self-extinguishing, also low-pentane. Grey EPS with lower thermal conductivity.
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POM, polyoxymethylene

Technical plastic with high strength and impact even at low temperatures, for both injection moulding and extrusion applications.
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PET, PBT, polyethylene terephtalate a polybutylene terephtalate

Technical plastics with high strength, stiffness and hardness including reinforced grades.
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PI, polyimide

Engineering thermoplastics with high thermal resistance.

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