Greenhouse Film

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PE-LD, LDPE, low density polyethylene

Polyethylene for injection moulding with high and low MFI for versatile use. Polyethylene for film making, additivated and non-additivated for heavy duty, shrink, shoppers, overwrap, freezer film, lamination. Granulates for pipe extrusion.
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PE-LLD, LLDPE, linear low density polyethylene

Polyethylene with a special molecular architecture (types C4, C6, C8) for improving film properties. They are used pure or in mixtures with LDPE. Grades for injection moulding and powders for compounding.
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PE-VLD, VLDPE, very (ultra) low density polyethylene

Polyethylene of extremely low density (types C6, C8) for both film making and injection moulding.
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mPE-LLD, mLLDPE, metallocene polyethylene

Polyethylene with a special molecular architecture produced using metallocene catalysts and developer for high quality films, for mixtures and for multilayer coextruded films.
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EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer

Soft copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate of different MFI and VA content for film making, especially for greenhouses, injection moulding, hotmelts, etc.

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