PE-HD, HDPE, high density polyethylene

Sheets & Profiles, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Film, Packaging Film, Food Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Housewares, Twines & Ropes, Crates, Rotomoulding, Shoppers & Sacks, Pipes & Cables, Strapping Tapes, Fibers, Injection Moulding, Blown Bottles & Hollow Vessels, Blow Moulding, Extrusion & Thermoforming, Agriculture

Injection moulding grades for production of crates and other household goods.
Film grades for thin films.
Grades for blow moulding – bottles and other hollow vessels.
Extrusion grades with high corrosion resistance, for pressure pipes PE 100.
Grades with medium density (PE-MD, MDPE) are also available.

ExxonMobil, Eraclene, Hostalen, Tipelin, Midilena, Hiplex, Marlex, Lotte, Borsafe and others

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