PPH, PP homo, polypropylene homopolymer

Automotive, Sheets & Profiles, Electrical & Electronics, Film, High Transparency Film, Compounds, Food Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Housewares, Twines & Ropes, Rotomoulding, Building Industry, Pipes & Cables, Strapping Tapes, Caps & Closures, Fibers, Injection Moulding, Extrusion & Thermoforming, Agriculture

Injection materials in wide range of MFI, raffia, materials for transparent films.
Polypropylenes for injection moulding, films, extruded profiles, compounding.

ExxonMobil PP, Moplen, Tatren, Tipplen, Midilena, Hipolen P, Marlex, Braskem, Sibur and others

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